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Laura Leigh Birdwell, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach


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I'm an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Specialist, and Cancer Exercise Training Specialist.  As a trainer and wellness coach, I take great joy in helping my clients reach their health and fitness goals. Whether you're an athlete training for your varsity team or a cancer survivor looking to become stronger,  I'd love to help you reach your dreams. And the best part's all VIRTUAL!


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At 78, attempting any yoga, balancing, or strengthening regimen was certainly out of my comfort zone. Without Coach Birdwell's upbeat, patient encouragement, I might have begun but absolutely would not have continued. Staying consistent and committed has made a huge improvement in my strength, balance, and confidence. Ultimately, my goal is to continue skiing with my grandchildren. Coach Birdwell has made this possible. 

Pat, 78 years old, skier

When I began working with Coach, I lacked body strength, stamina, endurance, and balance.  Of course, she is highly professional and knowledgeable in creating a challenging exercise regime, but it’s her “you can do it” attitude that makes me want to strive and come back for more.  Caring and supportive with a great sense of humor, Coach Birdwell will push your limit and you will love it.  Hiring Coach is one of the best investments you can make for yourself.  

Kimberly, active and healthy grandmother in her 60's

Coach Birdwell has been so influential in my development as a soccer player. I played under her for several years, with very successful seasons. Coaching has a lot to do with mental support, which Coach Birdwell ensured we had as her players. Health and fitness are a passion of hers and it shows in her efforts to develop successful players.

Lauren, DIII collegiate soccer player

Coach Laura Leigh gave me the push and motivation I needed and wanted to get up and exercise! Laura Leigh is encouraging, knowledgeable, positive, and admirable. She knows how to teach and I am so much better off for having had her as my personal coach! She went above and beyond my expectations!

Jackie, grandmother and avid walker in her 50's

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