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Health and Wellness Package 


Not sure where to begin on the path to wellness? Are you wanting to learn ways to live an active lifestyle? Do you want someone to design workout plans for you to help you reach your goals? Would you like to consult someone on diet, exercise, and sleep on a weekly basis? If so, this is the plan for you. First, we will establish goals in an initial consultation with an option for a physical assessment to determine baseline strengths and cardio fitness. Then, I will design workout plans for you on a weekly basis and assess your nutrition. This package includes weekly exercise plans and a weekly 1-1 Zoom call to check in and demonstrate exercises. This option works for both remote and in-person clients.




Periodization Plans

Are you striving to make the varsity volleyball team? Do you want to run a marathon? Periodization plans are for people who have a specific athletic goal and are willing to dedicate 3-months, 6-months, or 9-months to achieve the goal. Each package includes an initial consultation, physical assessment of strengths and cardio fitness to determine zones, and a training plan. 

3-month: $110

6-month: $130

9-month: $150

1-1 Personal Training

Do you want to work 1-1 with a coach? Do you want to work with someone who can push you and teach proper form? Are you wanting some new exercise ideas? Do you have specific target areas and aren't sure which exercises to do? If so, this is for you. I offer both in-person and remote 1-1 personal training (via Zoom technology). 

$25/30min. (remote)

$50/60min. (remote)

$30-$40/30min( in-person, depending on distance)

$60-$80/60min. (in-person, depending on distance)

Group Fitness

Want to workout with your buddies? I offer small group fitness classes (2-8 people) both in-person and remote (via Zoom technology). 

$20/person for 

Soccer Skills and Conditioning 


Want to improve your game with a personal soccer coach? As a soccer coach for 9 years, I think it’s important to develop skills, condition the body, and learn how to see the field and can work with players on one or all three of these options. This training is in-person only.


$60-$80/60min. (in-person, depending on distance)


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